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Tumblr, meet Mumblr.  They combine your twin loves of the 1990s and dudes with their dicks out.

Title: Intents and Purposes Artist: Bedhead 175 plays

Bedhead - Intents and Purposes 
(Bedhead 1992-1998)

Yup, I guess that’s what it takes to pull me back into tumblr.  My beloved Bedhead is getting the deluxe reissue treatment.  God I hope this is a precursor to a shameless cashgrab reunion tour.  If not, at least there’s 2 whole songs in it that I’d never heard before.  Horray!  

Title: Your Hand in Mine Artist: Explosions in the Sky 62,221 plays


Explosions in the Sky || Your Hand in Mine

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Title: Amazon Artist: Melvins 2,013 plays




Melvins- “Amazon”

This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It’s so ridiculous. I love how the sound is barely held together in parts. It’s easy to see why these guys are underground legends.

I’d say this is the craziest Melvins song, but that’s a pretty bold statement

It is really crushing live too, the duel drums really hit you in the chest during the HEAVY POUNDING parts.

Title: Lights Are Gonna Fall Artist: Overseas 1,533 plays

Overseas - Lights Are Gonna Fall (Overseas)

As longtime readers (all both of you) may recall, I have a long-standing soft spot for Dallas-bred sonic artisans Matt and Bubba Kadane[1].  

So maybe I am being biased when I proclaim their new album, recorded with  likeminded stalwarts David Bazan[2] and Will Johnson[3] the most inexplicably overlooked record of the year, but goddamn is it great. 

[1]Of perennial Greatest-Indie-Rock-Band-Too-Indie-For-Anyone-To-Have-Heard-About Bedhead, and Popular-Post-Indie-Band-With-That-One-Song-That-Was-On-That-TV-Show-One-Time The New Year

[2]Of That-Time-When-‘Christian-Rock’-Was-A-Thing-We-Liked-To-Put-In-‘Quotes’-Band Pedro the Lion

[3]Centro-Matic, which if you’ve heard of you are probably from Texas, and we are friends now

Title: stop coming to my house Artist: Mogwai 761 plays


Mogwai // Stop Coming To My House

I fell asleep yesterday afternoon while listening to Mogwai and this song came up and woke me and I felt really conflicted because why are you so loud song but also wow you are brilliant.

Few things in life are more terrifying than being woken up by the loud part in Like Herod

Title: Map Ref 41°N 93°W Artist: My Bloody Valentine 413 plays

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So the Kadane brothers (the Bedhead dudes) started a new band with David Bazan from Pedro the Lion.  That is pretty neat.

Title: Henry Rollins Don't Dance Artist: Allo Darlin' 421 plays

Allo Darlin’ - Henry Rollins Don’t Dance
Henry Rollins Don’t Dance

They say Twee is dead.  

They say that Pop music is just Pop music, and what the masses were listening to was where the Olympians and Sarah-Recordsians were heading to all along.  That the whole idea of ‘Indie-Pop’ was just uptight hipsters not wanting to admit that sometimes it’s nice to listen to a dumb fun tune and shake what their respective Mama’s done gave them, and that because of our dourness we all missed out on the gospel of Robert Kelly and the Punks Daft.  That we need to keep up with Kanye and weirdly-sexy-Hannah-Montana or get left behind.

Fuck that shit, here’s a bunch of British faerie-folk namechecking Black Flag, Fugazi, Dirty Dancing and the Grease Goddamned Megamix like it’s 1988.

Pixies - Bagboy



So I guess that’s what the whole “Kim Deal quits the Pixies” thing was about?

Title: 20th Century Boy Artist: Replacements 253 plays

The Replacements - 20th Century Boy
(Boink!! Bootleg)

In addition to many, many other things, The Replacements happened to be the greatest cover band that ever did live.  

(Your narrator may have spent the last evening with this and a bottle of whiskey)

Title: That's When I Reach for My Revolver Artist: Mission of Burma 1,161 plays


Mission of Burma - That’s When I Reach for My Revolver

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